5 Guillotine Escapes

Session Breakdown

The guillotine choke (front headlock) is one of the most common attacks in a street fight. Anyone with no training can have the instinct to wrap a neck and squeeze tight. Many times people believe that strikes would get them out, but as seen on countless street fight videos, strikes are not enough to escape this dangerous chokehold. In this video, we present 5 escape to the standing guillotine, plus a bonus technique to escape the guillotine from the guard position. The instructors in the video are Marco Moreno (black belt) and Jason Thompson (brown belt). 0:00 – Intro. 1:00 – Escape 1: Don’t get your caught in the hold, lift your head up and go for the back. 1:43 – Escape 2: Early, when it’s not tight, move your head out. 2:42 – Escape 3: Tight, pure neck. Move to the side opposite of the choke and take the attacker down. Apply shoulder pressure to make them release. 4:13 – Escape 4: Tight, arm in. Block the hips, run away from the choke and take him down. 4:49 – Escape 5: Guard pull. Don’t get trapped in between their legs. Jump to the side opposite of the choke as they go down. 6:29- Bonus escapes: If caught in the guard either arm in or not, use these escapes. 8:21 – Review and considerations. Check out our video on how to defend against a choke from behind: https://youtu.be/yDLNwLEPf0M If you live in Northern Virginia and want to learn Jiu-Jitsu, we offer a 10-day free trial. We have programs for kids and adults. www.masteryjj.com